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Cluster Dextrin


Thanks to the latest advances in industrial production of carbohydrates, Starlabs CLUSTER DEXTRINTM has been developed using a novel type of ultrafast digestion dextrin.

Cluster DextrinTM 
has unique advantages:
  1. Higher solubility
  2. High molecular weight, thus recharging better glycogen reserves (without causing peaks of insulin)
  3. Ultra fast and more efficient digestion without causing discomfort or stomach swelling
  4. Better flavor than other dextrins, thanks to its purity and the low presence of low molecular weight substances.
Under the microscope

Cyclodextrins are produced by the degradation of amylopectin and they have common characteristics with starches (amylopectins), but they have added benefits.

They are manufactured using a branching enzyme that works via cyclization reaction, maintaining the amylopectin basic structural unit.

Cluster DextrinTM  molecules have relatively long side chains of glucose that are considered to adopt a cyclic structures in solution that can form inclusion complexes with low molecular weight compounds such as organic acids. This results in a superior performance to other dextrins.

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